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West Mineral King

The Wollenman Cabin

The Wollenman cabin was built at "The Gate" between 1923 and 1928 (the dates vary) by Lester Jordan and his son. It is believed to be the site of the first cabin in Mineral King Valley, built by Enos Barton in 1873 during the establishment of the mining camp at that time.

The present cabin is in what is known as the "Barton Camp Group" of cabins, east of Faculty Flat to the Mineral King Ranger Station.

The Wollenmans purchased the lease from Lilly Palmer of Exeter in 1956. The original cabin was what is now the living room and upstairs dormitory; the rest was added on before 1956. Lilly Palmer was proud to have added on an indoor toilet with a 50 gallon drum as a septic tank.

Since the Wollenman family moved into the cabin, it has been broken into by bears three times and the roof has been crushed once by a falling tree limb, hence the permanent state of upkeep and repairs that one notices about this cabin.

Information on this cabin was submitted by Shawnee Johnson

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