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February 2000
Mineral King Preservation Society Time Line

Mineral King Preservation Society founded by Ora Kay Peterson
1986 to 1996
MKPS endeavors to get the Mineral King Valley and its mines, trails, cabins, historic community listed on the national Register for Historic Places in Washington DC
Effort by the Mineral King District Association to get the permit law changed to allow permits to pass on to the surviving family members. Congress did not make the change.
1997 to 1998
MKPS works with the State Historic Office for Preservation (SHPO) to develop an application to submit to the Keeper of the Register in Washington DC to create a cabin district (East Mineral King and West Mineral King). Final application was approved by SHPO and submitted to the Keeper with full approval. This application was not approved by the Federal Preservation Officer, but MKPS was never notified directly of this action.

Shortly after the MKPS application arrived in Washington, the National Park Service decided to make their own "Determination of Eligibility" concerning a much larger area including the road from Highway 198 all the way in to its end in the upper Mineral King Valley. It would also include Cabin Cove, Atwell's Mill as well as many other historic artifacts and locations. It was extensive and very well done. All of the work done by MKPS was included in this new determination. Ethan Carr, project manager, and Steve McNeil, architectural historian, were given the full cooperation in their endeavor by MKPS and its Board and members.

It should be noted that running currently with the DOE effort was a mandated development by NPS to develop a new long term General Management Plan for all of Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park that would and will determine how that Park will be operated for the next 20 years or so. That project is still ongoing and is targeted for completion in this year or next.

In April of 1998, a three page document entitled "Mineral King Historic Community Proposal" was submitted to Superintendent Tollefson under the umbrella heading of "Mineral King Advocates". This heading combined the forces of MKPS and MKDA and the document was primarily the work of Nadine Hack and her daughter Karen. It went out under the joint signatures of Les Reynolds, President of the MKDA and Don Pinkham, President of MKPS. The proposal requested that a cooperative effort between the NPS and the Mineral King Advocates be made to preserve and protect the living historic community that was still in place and all of its surrounding artifacts.

Public meetings were held during this period to get public input during the GMP development. In April of 1999 another proposal was prepared by the Mineral King Advocates and submitted to Superintendent Tollefson that briefly covered the same ground as the April 1998 document, but recommended a formal partnership between a public organization (e.g. MKPS) and the NPS at Ash Mountain to manage the assets of an Historic District when it finally approved in Washington. This would preserve the living historic community as well.

During mid 1999, MKPS reworked and improved their application and submitted it directly to the Keeper of the Register in Washington. This time a formal letter dated 9/9/1999 was sent back to our historian from Carol Shull stating that our "appeal" was turned down and asking for more maps corrections etc. A subtle hint was made in the last paragraph that we might consider working with the Park to help complete their ongoing effort to submit a similar but more expansive application. After contacting Superintendent Tollefson about this suggestion, he indicated that his understanding was that all of the work in our application was incorporated in theirs. The MKPS Board met and decided to hold in abeyance any further submission on our part and follow the progress of the application being developed by the NPS. Earlier, after sending the DOE to SHPO for comment, it came back with suggestions as to how it could be modified to be used in a formal application. NPS subsequently removed any territory outside their boundary and eliminated the mines and dams as well. Presumably these historic artifacts could be covered by a separate application at a later date. At present we are following the progress of the NPS application and expect it to be completed and submitted some time this year. In any event, we should expect that the creation of an Historic District will become a reality in this millennium year 2000.

January 10, 2000
A meeting was held in the Fresno office of Congressman Radanovich to discuss the partnership proposal with Superintendent Tollefson. It was chaired by Nadine Hack, a descendent of one of early pioneers (Crowley) in Mineral King. Those in attendance included representatives from the offices of Congressman George Radanovich, Assemblyman Mike Briggs, Supervisor Bill Maze of the Tulare County Board of Supervisors, Holly Fiala and Anthony Veerkamp representing the National Trust for Historic Preservation, President Les Reynolds of the MKDA and President Don Pinkham of the MKPS. The purpose of the meeting was to urge the NPS to agree to the creation of the aforesaid partnership and to incorporate this concept into the final version of the GMP. All this presupposes that a Mineral King Historic District will be created and be on the National Register in Washington DC.