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March 2000
Cooperative Efforts

On January 10th, 2000, a meeting was held in response to a unanimous vote at the August Mineral King District Association membership meeting to pursue a cooperative partnership with Sequoia National Park in matters relating to the preservation of the Mineral King Living Historic Community.

The purpose of the January 10th meeting was to garner support for a partnership to assist the National Park Service in the maintenance and management of a Mineral King Historic District.

Eighteen representatives of Sequoia National Park, the Mineral King District Association, Mineral King Preservation Society, National Trust for Historic Preservation, California congressional and assemblyman aides, county, city and business organizations, and historical societies attended.

The outcome of this meeting was a park offer to open discussions regarding the preservation and historical interpretation of the Mineral King Historic District now being considered for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

Extension of all current permits for the duration of the GMP planning process; an MKDA offer to help in the park's National Register nomination efforts; cabin permittee compliance to National Register guidelines; interpretive functions to educate the public in the legacy of the Historic District; and the possible formation of a historic district commission to guide preservation efforts were addressed.

Further meetings are scheduled with Sequoia National Park representatives Tom Burge, Cultural Resources specialist; Charles Couvelier, Mineral King District Ranger; and Peter Dederich, District Naturalist. The first meeting is being held on March 1st and will be attended by Jim Barton representing MKPS and Nadine Hack representing MKDA. It will address initial means by which the Mineral King community and the park may be able to work together to effect conformance of the cabins to National Register guidelines and possible activities regarding historic interpretation of the district.