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March 2001

A year of continuing cooperative efforts has been the Mineral King hallmark of Michael Tollefson's last year as superintendent of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. An advisory committee was formed to define how the National Park Service and the Mineral King community might work together to protect the historic character and integrity of the Mineral King Road Cultural Landscape.

The function of this advisory committee has been to develop strategies for the historic preservation and interpretation of the Mineral King community and road corridor. Attendees included representatives of the Mineral King Preservation Society, Mineral King District Association, Sequoia National Park and the National Park Service Western Regional office in San Francisco.

To date, the following has been accomplished:

  1. Two working committees under the auspices of the Mineral King Preservation Society and Sequoia National Park have been formulated.

    An architectural conformance guidelines committee to help advise and assist cabin owners on how to maintain their Mineral King property according to the Secretary of Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

    An interpretive committee to focus on educational programs geared to the Mineral King community and public.
  2. Increased efforts were implemented to gain listing of the Mineral King Road Cultural Landscape District in the National Register of Historic Places.

    In September, 2000, the Office of the Keeper of the National Register determined the district is eligible for National Register listing.

    Continuing work is in process to complete the actual listing.
  3. A Guide to Repair and Maintenance of Historic Summer Homes in Mineral King is being developed by an independent consultant in consultation with the advisory committee.

    It is expected to be available to Mineral King Cabin owners by this summer of 2001.
  4. Interpretive work on a Mineral King Road Guide brochure is in process.

    It is to be distributed at Look-out Point park entrance station and at the Mineral King ranger station.

    It is expected to be ready for distribution for the 2001 summer season.

    Funding is needed.
  5. A Memorandum of Understanding is being developed to define the cooperative process of joint Sequoia National Park and Mineral King Preservation Society efforts during the period leading to approval of a new Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park General Management Plan.
Community and public participation in both the preservation of the historic cabins and in interpretation of the historic district's significance is vital. People interested in helping with cabin and historic landscape maintenance, displays, tours, interpretive programs and/or wishing to help with financial donations can contact the following:

Jim Ingram, MKPS President
1744 E. Caldwell Ave.,
Visalia, CA 93292

Tom Burge, Cultural Resource Specialist, Sequoia National Park
Ash Mountain Museum, Sequoia National Park, Three Rivers, CA 93271

Peter Dederich, District Naturalist, Sequoia National Park
Sequoia National Park, Three Rivers, CA 93271