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April 2003

Listing In The National Register Of Historic Places:

Listing currently is awaiting approval from the California State Historical Resources Commission. It is on their agenda for a hearing in Vallejo in August. Our Historic Preservation Consultant, Chris Brewer, plans to attend the meeting to answer any questions. Property owner approval of the listing also is being sought.

Sequoia And Kings Canyon National Parks General Management Plan:

Release of the preferred alternatives continues to be delayed. The discovery phase of an Environmental Assessment (EA) of the entire park was being conducted last fall. If any potential environmental problems are determined in the EA, a more involved Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) must be filed. The EA and/or EIS is part of the current phase of GMP development.

A Guide To Repair And Maintenance Of Historic Summer Homes Within The Mineral King Road Cultural Landscape District:

After three years of MKPS/NPS cooperative efforts, the architectural guidelines for Mineral King cabin repair and maintenance is at press and scheduled to be distributed to cabin lessees soon. The booklet provides guidelines for all exterior work on the cabins. The guidelines are advisory only to help cabin owners maintain the historic qualities necessary for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. A committee comprised of MKPS members and Park Service personnel will act as advisors to field any questions regarding the guidelines. If you have questions regarding exterior repairs or maintenance, contact Stuart Hendricks, Tom Burge, or the Mineral King Ranger Station for the name of a committee member who can help you. The ranger station and park headquarters at Ash Mountain will have extra guideline copies available on request.

Mineral King Preservation Society Projects:

Current cooperative projects under the Memorandum of Understanding include:

  1. A self-guided automobile tour of the Mineral King Road which was introduced last year. The road tour brochures will be available at Ash Mountain Visitor Center, the Lookout Point bulletin board, the Silver City Store, the Ranger Station and the Honeymoon Cabin.
  2. Development of a Mineral King Valley self-guided walking tour of cultural, geologic, and natural history points of interest. It runs from the ranger station up the nature trail to the Eagle Lake trailhead. The tour brochures will be available at Ash Mountain Visitor Center, the Silver City Store, the Ranger Station and the Honeymoon Cabin. The walking tour is planned to be initiated this summer.
  3. Maintenance of the mining display at the ranger station. It has been cleaned and new signs made by park volunteers Conner, Melissa, and Chris. Be sure to pass a word of thanks when you go in there.
  4. Possible participation in the campfire interpretive programs and continued docenting of the Alles Cabin. Volunteers are needed. An hour or two out of a week’s stay up in Mineral King can make a huge difference to both the community and the park. Contact Dan Abbe, Mineral King Ranger, or George Henning, this year’s Mineral King interpretive program director at the ranger station.

Other community projects:

Dan Voelz and a colleague from San Diego spent the first week of June conducting a GIS survey of pre-1900s historic sites in Mineral King. They are doing GPS readings and digital photos of the sites and plotting them on topographic maps for anyone who is interested.

A new video, Mineral King:The Heritage of a Community, is in production and should be available for purchase this summer through the Mineral King District Association.

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