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Continuing Preservation Efforts:

As of October 24, 2003, a major portion of Mineral King’s structures are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and MKPS can now focus on omissions and additions to the landscape district. Some cabins determined non-contributing to the Mineral King Historic District by the NPS eligibility team may be brought up to contributing status. Efforts have begun to bring Atwell Mill, the Alles Cabin, and the Atwell Mill Ranger Station into the Historic District. The power company dams above the valley may be assessed for historic preservation. In cooperation with the park, clean-up, refurbishing and/or renovation of the Jordan and Alles cabins are planned. A repository for Mineral King artifacts and historic records is being sought where they can be safe-guarded, viewed, and accessed by all on a year-round basis.

Two monuments displaying our National Register Listing are in the works. One will be erected by the park at Look Out Point. Another will be placed at the Eagle trailhead parking lot by the Mineral King Preservation Society.

A Guide To Repair And Maintenance Of Historic Summer Homes Within The Mineral King Road Cultural Landscape District:

Continued preservation of the cab in community depends heavily on good upkeep and maintenance. While the guidelines are advisory only, adherence to their suggestions will help ensure each cabin’s contributing status to the Historic District. The guides and answers to questions relating to them can be obtained by contacting the following: Stuart Hendricks, MKPS President; Tom Burge, Archaeologist: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. If you have questions while you are in Mineral King, you can contact Dan Voelz at East Mineral King cabin #2 or the ranger station for help.

Cooperative Projects and VIP Program

Under our MKPS/Sequoia National Park Memorandum of Understanding, volunteer efforts continue to escalate. Thanks to all who have already volunteered time to our cooperative ventures. They are a very important part of our preservation efforts that show we are a resource the park needs to keep.

General Management Plan

The “Preferred Alternative” draft of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks General Management Plan was released on May 6, 2004. The first volume outlines 5 possible management alternatives with one being the park preferred plan. Each alternative addresses Mineral King as well other management concerns. The Environmental Impact Statement, contained in a second volume, considers the environmental and cultural impacts of each alternative. Its conclusions have important bearing on the management of the Mineral Kings valley and historic district, the power company dams, and proposed wilderness designation. Both volumes deserve careful study.

New Law

On December 8, 2004, a congressional bill to make Mineral King cabin permits transferable was signed into law.

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