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The passage of last year’s Congressional legislation redefines the 1978 legislation in part, by granting renewals or extensions of leases or permits to the Mineral King lessees or permittees of record ”and to their heirs, successors and assigns.” With this rewording, a greater responsibility falls on each cabin owner and user in the Mineral King road corridor to work cooperatively with the park and to maintain the cabins according to park standards and usage criteria so the community remains compatible with the purposes of the park. Proper maintenance of all cabins and continuing cooperative activities are both essential and an opportunity to forge a mutually beneficial partnership with the park that can last for generations. The Mineral King Preservation Society is dedicated to fostering such a partnership.

Preservation Projects:

Work continues to bring cabins potentially eligible for contributing status in the Mineral King Road Corridor Historic Landscape District to contributing status. Preservation consultant Chris Brewer has assessed a couple of them and is working to determine their possible change in status. With inclusion of Atwell Mill and the Atwell Mill Ranger Station and garage in the landscape district, efforts will be concentrated on inclusion of the park-owned Alles Cabin.

Honeymoon Cabin: Refurbishing and educational displays has begun. A display describing the historic old resort will be added this summer. Painting and small repairs of the building is scheduled for August 16, 10:00 a.m. We continue to search for old photos and stories of the resort and early Mineral King characters for display in the building.

Alles Cabin: Refurbishing and clean-up moved ahead in 2004. A clean-up day was well attended by park employees including the fire crew, with two members of the Mineral King community responding to our call for a cooperative effort in the task. Another clean-up day is being scheduled this year and we hope more members of the community can participate this time. It is a fun few hours schmoozing with park workers and helping our cause. A beginning was also made in bringing the cabin back to a condition reminiscent of when Grace Alles lived there. Curtains and some artifacts were contributed. The park is currently in the process of releasing its store of Alles artifacts to the Three Rivers Historical Society to be shared with MKPS for summer use in the Alles cabin. Donations of artifacts typical of the area are requested for completion of the refurbishing project. Rocking chair, authentic quilts, plates, cooking pots and utensils, old kerosene lamps, and other items from the 1930s period are welcome. Contact Louise Jackson.

Jordan Cabin: Renovation of the park-owned Jordan cabin was postponed until this year as the park had too many other projects to finish. Possible further deterioration of the cabin is being monitored by MKPS.

Edison Dams: With congressional legislation passed authorizing continuing issuance of permits to Southern California Edison Company for the company’s hydroelectric operations within the park, the repair and maintenance of the dams above Mineral King will continue. Last fall Franklin Dam received extensive improvements. To Edison’s credit, the rock facing of the dam was kept intact to assure its historic look. Possibilities of helping pursue historic designation for the dams still is in the process of being considered by the MKPS board.

Monuments: The park has received funding for two National Register listing monuments. They are scheduled to be installed by the park in July or August. One will be placed at the Lookout Point information kiosk, and the other is tentatively planned to be placed at the Mineral King Ranger Station. They will be brass monuments bolted to large boulders.

The MKPS board is also in the process of placing a third monument at the Eagle trailhead near the Honeymoon cabin to commemorate our 18 years of effort to have the Mineral King community and environs listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

A guide to repair and maintenance of historic summer homes within the mineral king road cultural landscape district:

This MKPS cooperative function with the park is especially important. The preservation of the cabin community and continuation of individual leases depends heavily on good upkeep and maintenance of each cabin in the district whether the cabin is currently listed as contributing or not. While the guidelines are advisory only, adherence to their suggestions will help ensure each cabin owner’s ability to renew his or her lease with the park. The guides can be obtained by contacting: James Blair, MKPS Secretary.

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