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General Management Plan

The Final General Management Plan and Comprehensive River Management Plan/ Environmental Impact Statement was finally released this year. Its impact on Mineral King is most clearly outlined on Page 164 in Volume 1 of the GMP. Although the final plan is still listed as the preferred alternative, it is the plan that will guide park policies for many years. Its implementation will begin once the GMP Record of Decision is signed by the NPS regional director.

Basically, the following GMP concerns for Mineral King include:

  1. Acquiring private inholdings and selected historic facilities for public use.
  2. Redesigning or relocating the trailhead parking area.
  3. Undertaking a review of existing permit terms and updating them with the following conditions: that they are compatible with the administration and needs of the park; that the cabins meet applicable health standards and safety codes and avoid unacceptable adverse impacts to park resources; that the park resources are protected and that public use of public land is preserved; that the process for NPS approval of the assignment or transfer of permits to heirs, successors and assigns is initiated.
  4. Develop a cultural resource preservation plan for the Mineral King Road Cultural Landscape District in consultation with the state historic preservation officer and the Mineral King Preservation Society that identifies: a viable management/maintenance strategy; measures for resource protection including wetland and floodplain locations; making non-contributing cabins more compatible with the historical appearance of the district; and a decision process for determining whether to repair, replace or remove cabins in the event they are damaged by natural disaster.
  5. Allow snowmobiles only on the road corridor for access to private or permitted land.

The Road

Marijuana growers are still in the area. The park has asked that all who drive the road keep an eye out for cars parked along the side, people walking the road with no vehicle in sight, food caches, or other unusual signs. Call 1-888-NPS-CRIME if you see any suspicious activity.

Prescribed Fire Program

The prescribed “High Bridge” burn below the west Mineral King cabins was successfully completed in the fall. One prescribed burn is planned for the Mineral King road corridor this year. It will be in the fall, in the Davenport area, and is expected to cover 881 acres. It is the largest burn planned by SNP this year. For information contact: NPS Fire Information and Education Specialist Jody_Lyle@nps.gov (559)565-3703; Tulare County Air Quality Board (559)230-6000.

Cabin Maintenance

With the up-coming implementation of the GMP and its recommended policies, the park is again requiring park forms be filed for permission to initiate major cabin maintenance and repair projects. A new form for reporting routine maintenance performed during the 2007 season is being sent to cabin owners. The form has been worked out by members of MKPS, MKDA and park employees to satisfy park accounting requirements. It is a simple form to be filled out at the end of the season and returned to the park. It eliminates the need to inform the park prior to small routine maintenance projects. It is very important to make certain all exterior projects are in conformance with the 2003 Guide to Repair and Maintenance of Historic Summer Homes Within the Mineral King Road Cultural Landscape District.

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