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Preservation Activities

MKPS has spread its wings a little to help in the historic preservation not only of our special valley, but of the surrounding area. A permanent display at the Tulare County Museum at Mooney Grove in Visalia, is being created by the Tulare County Historical Society, with help from the county and MKPS, to tell the story of the importance of our Southern Sierra Mountains. The Mineral King story will be part of the display. Contributions to a fund for the development of the display can be made along with your membership dues under “Preservation Projects Donation”.

Farther south, MKPS is cooperating with the Sequoia National Forest to help formulate a General Management Plan for the Sequoia National Monument. A “Recreation Council” has been formulated by Sequoia National Forest to advise the Forest on possible considerations and recommendations for development of the Monument General Management Plan. Representing the Mineral King Preservation Society, Louise Jackson was invited to sit as a permanent member of the Council as advocate for Historic Preservation. The Council is made up of various public and private entities that have a stake in the human usage of the Monument and surrounding Sierra. It’s role is to work cooperatively with Sequoia National Forest employees to develop a plan for recreational usage of the area. Also part of the Council are Sequoia National Park Superintendent Craig Axtell and John Austin.

Closer to home, John Crowe, as community representative of the Mineral King Cultural Landscape, has been working with the Park and other governmental agencies on water rights connected to defining the boundaries of the upcoming Wilderness designation on lands adjacent to the Cultural Landscape.

Prescribed Fire Program

It was a short burn season this past year. Fighting fires in Southern California and across the west took precedence over local prescribed burns. For information on planned 2008 prescribed burns in the East Fork drainage, contact: NPS Fire Information and Education Specialist Jody_Lyle@nps.gov (559)565-3703; Tulare County Air Quality Board (559)230-6000.

Cabin Maintenance

With the implementation of the GMP and its recommended policies, the park is again requiring park forms be filed for permission to initiate major cabin maintenance and repair projects. It is very important to make certain all requested park forms are filled out and returned. It is also important that all exterior projects, large or small, are in conformance with the 2003 Guide to Repair and Maintenance of Historic Summer Homes Within the Mineral King Road Cultural Landscape District.

Cultural Landscape Maintenance

Spearheaded by Park administrator Paul Pfeninger, Mineral King Preservation Society president Stuart Hendricks, and indispensable man of all trades Bert Weldon, Park, public, and Mineral King community volunteers joined forces for a fall clean up of the decaying mess at the old public corrals. 32 people, many of them young teen-agers from “down the road” communities, joined in a long day of work mucking out (sometimes with shovels), throwing out, weeding, pruning, repairing, and painting the exteriors of the buildings. It was a great day—after the forgotten bread was retrieved for promised sandwiches—with all who participated getting a real feel for what a true cooperative effort can accomplish.

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