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The New Wilderness Area

On April 1, 2009, the John Krebs Wilderness now encircling the Mineral King Valley and Historic Road Corridor became a reality. Passage of the new wilderness bill increased Sequoia Kings Canyon wilderness area from 83.6% of the Park to 93.4%. Its effects should be minimal on the Mineral King Historic Road Corridor as the area has been administered as a wilderness for years. Maps are available on-line at www.nps.gov/seki A dedication ceremony was held at the upper parking lot on Saturday, August 8.

Guide To Repair And Maintenance

It continues to be important that all exterior cabin projects, large or small, are in conformance with the 2003 Guide to Repair and Maintenance of Historic Summer Homes Within the Mineral King Road Cultural Landscape District, and that Park forms reporting projects be completed and returned for their records.

For a copy of the Guide to Repair and Maintenance, contact Tom Burge, SNP Archaeologist (559)565-3139, Tom_Burge@nps.gov; For questions regarding the Guide, historic preservation guidelines, and project forms contact Tom Burge (559)565-3139 or Christine Smith, (559)565-3105. John Crowe (559)734-0747 and Aaron Cluck, contractor, (559)786-5936 can also help in guidance.

Tulare County Historical Society And Museum Cooperative Projects

The Tulare County Museum at Visalia’s Mooney Grove complex has agreed to provide safe indoor space for Mineral King artifacts . If you have any artifacts that may be loaned or donated to either MKPS or the county museum, please contact Stuart Hendricks, MKPS president, or Louise Jackson. A permanent Mountain Display at the Museum that tells the story of our Southern Sierra Mountains is now completed. Our Mineral King resident artist, Jana Botkin, created an amazing 20 ft. X 8 ft. tall mural of the Sierra landscape as a background. Funding for the on-going project was provided by the Tulare County Historical Society, with help from the county and MKPS. The display will change its focus twice a year to highlight an important aspect of our mountains. MKPS will have photos and/or artifacts in each change. This summer the display features the geology of the southern range. Several Mineral King artifacts are included in the display.

Financial Considerations

A display of MKPS Memorial Contributions will be displayed in the Honeymoon Cabin. The list will also be posted on the MKPS website. Thank you to all who contribute to this fund. MKPS disperses funds to worthy projects that further cooperative efforts, learning, and public exposure to the importance of Mineral King. This year we have helped fund the Tulare County museum Mountain Display and have pledged partial funding for the display changes twice a year. We have also donated a sizable amount to the Exeter Mural Committee to help fund the costs of Jana Botkin’s immense and beautiful Mineral King panorama mural on North E. Street. Everyone should detour through Exeter on their way to Mineral King this year to see it. It is amazing. Other needs for yearly funding include expenses connected with the Hoe Down and picnic; Picnic in the Park; printing of our colored brochures (shared with MKDA); the MKPS newsletter; mailings; and Honeymoon Cabin upkeep. Contributions to a fund for the continuing development of both the Honeymoon Cabin and Tulare County Museum displays can be made along with your membership dues under “Preservation Projects Donation”.

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