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Standards for the Mineral King Road Cultural Landscape by Stuart Hendricks

If you recall from last year, I wrote that representatives of the Mineral King Preservation Society (Stuart Hendricks, Louise Jackson, and Jim Ingram), the Mineral King District Association (William Martin, John Crowe, and Guy Woleman), and the National Park Service (Jane Allen, Jack Vance, Dave Humphrey, and Denise Robertson) had been meeting on a monthly basis to develop the cabin main-tenance form, the proposed project flow chart for non-exempt projects, and to update the Standards for the Mineral King Road Cultural Landscape District. We have continued meeting since last year and have focused on updating the Standards as the cabin maintenance form and the proposed project flow chart for non-exempt projects were completed for use last year and will be included as appendices in the Standards.

In moving forward on the Standards, the MKPS and MKDA participants reviewed a draft of the Standards and developed a comment list, which was combined and then became the basis for months of meetings.  It has been a very arduous task to work through a document such as the Standards with nine to ten people and get them to be in unison in regard to whether or not the text for a particular item is relevant, applicable, within reason, and to agree on the wording. Many times in working through an item, discussion would start out with significantly differing opinions, however, through respectful discussion and increased understanding; everyone was able to come to agreement.

At the same time, it has also been a positive and rewarding experience to meet on a monthly basis with the same people and work on building relationships and the relationship between the NPS, MKDA, and MKPS.  We do have our moments, but we all are working together for the best interests in managing the MKRCLD.

In regard to progress on the Standards, I think we are almost there and hope that the Standards will be published and distributed soon.

Cooperative Efforts with the Three Rivers Historical Museum by Stuart Hendricks

For several years, the MKPS board has discussed where to display and store all the artifacts that have been gathered over the years . (Artifacts and files are currently stored in various locations and very little is actually displayed.) Late last spring, a potential partnering opportunity came up with the Three Rivers Historical Museum whereby the MKPS could possibly have a permanent home for artifacts, exhibits, and archives; the property immediately adjacent to the Three Rivers Historical Museum was in foreclosure and was to go to auction. We had a big dream, and that was to partner with the museum to acquire the property to benefit both organizations. We sent notices to the MKPS community in the hopes of generating sufficient pledge commitment if the property could be acquired; the dream ended up being significantly greater than commitment so it was not pursued further at the time.  The property did eventually go to auction and it is now under the guidance of the museum. We have just recently resumed dialog with the museum in the hopes of being able to work out an agreement to allow for storage and display of Mineral King artifacts and files. This is in the very early stages of discussion, but we are hopeful that eventually a partnering agreement can be negotiated. We feel it is an ideal location and opportunity to have storage and exhibition space at one site and so near the start of the Mineral King road.

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