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Fact Sheets

MineralKing.org Fact Sheets provide factual details on many issues surrounding the historic cabins and living historic community of Mineral King, Sequoia National Park. Take time to examine and absord the rich information provided in the Fact Sheet links below.

Mineral King and the Envrionment

The Environmental Impact Statement
The Mineral King Community's Influence on the GMP Environmental Impact Statement

Preservation: Mineral King Mandate

The Implementation of National Preservation Laws (May 1999)
Development of a Preservation Plan (Jun 1999)
The Mineral King Living Historic Community Proposal (Jul 1999)
The Current Preservation Process (Aug 1999)
Implementation of a Mineral King Plan (Sep 1999)

Additional Fact Sheets

Mineral King: Fulfilling the National Park Service Goals (May 1998)
How the Mineral King Community is Unique (Apr 1998)
Imagine Mineral King Forty Years From Now (Feb 1998)
Mineral King and Historic Preservation (Jan 1998)
Mineral King and our National Parks (Oct 1997)