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Related Organizations

Organizations working to preserve Mineral King historic sites and structures:


The Mineral King Preservation Society is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation dedicated to preserving the natural and historic assets of the Mineral King area. Since its inception in 1986, the society has engaged in research, restoration, and preservation planning. Among its other activities is a partnership with Sequoia National Park to insure preservation of all historic resources in the National Register listed area and assist in volunteer projects and educational activities.

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The Mineral King District Association has been active since the early 1960s, primarily as a homeowner's association dealing with operational and maintenance issues. Its current focus is to enter into a cooperative agreement between the Park Service and cabin families to preserve and maintain this historic community, so that future generations of visitors to the park will still be able to enjoy this unique example of an early California mining community where people are still living much as they did over a century ago.

For more information, visit the MKDA website.